MV/CER Hook-Ups

Olympus CLM-110-HU0080

Universal Hook-Up and Luer Connector

  • Our Part Number: S4GICLM-110-HU0080
  • OEM Part Number:CLM-110-HU0080


    Olympus CLM-110-HU0082

    CER Alcohol Injection Kit

  • Our Part Number: S4GICLM-110-HU0082
  • OEM Part Number:CLM-110-HU0082



    Olympus CLM-110-HU0124

    Olympus CER Hook-Up Aux Water Adapter 140/160 Series

  • Our Part Number: S4GICLM-110-HU0124
  • OEM Part Numebr: CLM-110-HU0124


    Olympus CLM-110-HU0129

    Olympus Hook-Up and Universal Suction Channel Connector

  • Our Part Number: S4GICLM-110-HU0129
  • OEM Part Number:CLM-110-HU0129



    Olympus CLM-110-HU0130

    Olympus Universal Air Probe Connector

  • Our Part Number: S4GICLM-110-HU0130
  • OEM Part Number:CLM-110-HU0130



    Olympus CLM-110-HU0142

    Olympus Universal Basin Connector

  • Our Part Number: S4GICLM-110-HU0142
  • OEM Part Number:CLM-110-HU0142

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