Flushing Adapter & Poly Disc Filter (for Olympus OFP Pump)

Flushing Adapter - FlushA

Flush A is the flushing adapter which generally has nylon Luer fitting, often in white, on one end that attaches to a small filter (not included). The other end has an angled cut which is inserted into the bottle on the flushing pump used during procedure. The tubing is autoclaveable food grade tubing.

  • Our Part Number: S4GI102
Adapter in Use

.2 Micron Poly Disc Filter

Poly Disc Filter is a 0.2 micron filter which is commonly called a syringe or scope hookup filter. It is specifically designed for sterilization and bacteria retentive applications. These Disc Filters are hydrophilic and bi-directional. Equipped with proximal and distal luer locks (male and female), the filters attach securely to any luer connection, preventing sprays, splashes and breaks in sterility. The specially constructed filters minimize internal fluid loss, retaining only 0.4 ml. They come in an individually sterile pack of 50. Can be used with Olympus OFP pump and in Customer Ultrasonic automated reprocessor.

  • Our Part Number: S4GIPolyDisc

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